Use mobile apps and be better than your competitors

Social networking today is imperative to locating and building strong business connections. Several iPhone apps allow you to keep track of your professional contacts and maintain solid relationships. Additionally, anyone seeking employment can tell you that finding work itself is a full-time occupation and since most jobs are found via social networking, you can’t afford to be kept out of the loop when it comes to who, what, when, where and how.


You can sync your iPhone address book with your LinkedIn connections and find the person or information you need to help you accomplish your business goals. Build your professional profile with LinkedIn apps. For instance, with Company Buzz you can find out what people are tweeting or saying about the company you work for, or the company you want to work for. Reconnect, update, invite, check details on, or twitter all from your account. Free and easy. If you want to know more about LinkedIn here www.thebalancesmb.comyou can find more about it.


Find out what events are going on near you with this handy application. Happening utilizes Yahoo!’s upcoming events and ties in with Google Maps and your iPhone location capability to keep you informed with the latest business or social events and their exact locations. You can RSVP events, check attendee lists and send listings to business contacts with Happening. Small fee and overall good reviews.


Perhaps more of a social app than a business one, networking is still networking and no stone should be left unturned. This app allows you to visit Facebook with one or two quick taps, check status updates, change your own status, chat online, and read the latest posts. Free and easy.


Trying to meet someone for a business or casual lunch? MeetMe uses your current destination; where the person you are meeting is located, and together with Yelp’s categories (coffee shop, restaurant, hotel, etc.) allows you to select a half-way point. Once you select a meeting point, such as a restaurant, you can check reviews and email driving directions to yourself and your business contact. There are several versions from free to a small fee. The small fee version has the best reviews.


Keep all your business and networking contacts in one place for easy reference. Gist pulls all of your inboxes, updates, social networks, address books, blogs and just about anything else you have together for you to find. Apparently, you’ll find connections you didn’t even know you had. Free.

Whatever tools you decide to use to keep you connected, remember that business networking is an ongoing process that can provide you with unlimited opportunity for personal growth and career advancement. Also read this article 21 Best Small Business Apps and find more useful apps for your business.