Useful applications for android phones

Before we start to talk about android app development I want to share some list with really great apps. I hope that they will be useful to you, or maybe it will push somebody to develop their own mobile application. What we will be writing on this page. So, lets start…

Tired of having loose pieces of paper everywhere? Tired of forgetting that important note at home or having to carry around multiple notebooks? The new android phones have numerous free and extremely useful applications that will organize life and save time. Three of these useful applications available for download through the market icon already on the phone are:

  • Word Player
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Sticky

Useful Applications for Android

Carry Around a Library with Word Player

How to carry around current reading material has already been an annoying predicament for book-lovers. Avid readers either must endure their busy life on the go without a book to read, or make sure they have a big enough purse or enough room in their briefcase to fit their current page-turner. With the android application Word Player, they can now kiss the annoyance goodbye and tote an entire library in the palm of their hands. Those lost minutes waiting in line can be redeemed with this portable ebook reader.
Although smaller than a Kindle or a Sony E-Reader, this ebook reader is still as useful as it is easy to use. Choose from thousands of free ebooks or buy the newest bestseller. Turn the pages of the ebook by taping on the sides of screen. It is even easy to navigate with one hand, leaving the other hand free to hold other items. The application even automatically saves the page you left off on.

Check Online and Store Prices with Barcode Scanner

Downloading this application installs a barcode scanner / reader onto the phone. The phone scans the UPC barcode of the chosen item of merchandise. If CNET Scan is also downloaded, it will use the barcode scanner and tell the customer the price of the item at nearby stores and online. Because of this feature, it allows the shopper to be better informed of sales and save money.
The Barcode Scanner uses the phone’s built-in camera to take a picture of the items UPC label. Simply align the red flashing line across the item’s UPC, and the camera will read the UPC number. That number is then researched online. Never again wonder if Sear’s vacuum’s can be ordered cheaper online ,or if Walmart’s dvds can be ordered used on CNET Scan gives you all that information with only a few taps of the screen. Instead of driving to all the stores in town, or going home to check the prices online, save time by using these applications.

Create Virtual Sticky Notes with Sticky

Everyone loves sticky notes, but they can look cluttered and become unorganized too easily. With the andriod application, Sticky, all sticky notes can be organized in one place. That one place is separated into several screens. Several colors of stickies are also available, so color-coding can also aid organization. Place the stickies on any screen in any order desired. When the task is completed, or the sticky no longer needed, simply delete the sticky. No paper to throw out or recycle.
Things such as shopping lists, to-do lists, and appointments can be kept all in one place and easily manipulated on the screen. Do not worry about losing loose pieces of paper anymore. Until deleted, the stickies will remain on the screen where you placed them. And they do not take up any of the phone’s main screens; the application creates its own screens within the program.

Explore These and Other Useful Android Apps

There are many useful applications available for android phones. The best thing about them is that most of them are free. And all of them are easy to download. Along with simplifying life with Word Player, Barcode Scanner, and Sticky, explore and try other applications that may be useful time-savers. In the Market icon, under the Productivity sect
And in the end I want to share with you videos about the development of mobile applications. Hope you like it.