You must download this applications for parents of preschoolers

Preschoolers’ attention spans are short, and sometimes being dragged all over town while mom or dad run errands can make them cranky. A few fun and educational phone apps will give the little one something to do for a few minutes when the line in the store goes too slow, or the wait at the doctor’s office gets long.

Hardware Needed to Download Applications

All applications will work on an iPhone, and many work on an iPod Touch. Apps that require speaking, or blowing into the microphone will not work on the iPod Touch because of the lack of microphone. The online Apple store gives more information on hardware compatibility for each application. Most of the applications aimed toward young children are either free, or ninety-nine cents. A few of the more popular items may reach $1.99.

Educational iPhone and iPod Touch Applications for Young Children

Many of the apps available from Apple are designed to teach as well as entertain. Some top choices are:

  • ABC Animals: Virtual, interactive alphabet flash cards.
  • FirstWords Animals: Join letters to make animal words.
  • Bumblebee Touchbook: Touch words to hear or animate them.
  • Preschool Adventure: Learn colors, numbers, shapes, body parts, and matching.
  • Peekaboo Barn: Guess the animal making the noise in the barn.
  • Animatch: Match animals with their sounds.
  • Animalpuz: Unscramble the pieces to make an animal.
  • Toddler Teasers: Several games that teach animals, colors, numbers, letters, and more.

Fun iPhone Apps for Preschoolers

While some of the applications are educational, others are strictly fun. The giggling coming from the kids will make the small investment worthwhile.

  • Balloonimals: For iPhone only, children blow into the microphone to inflate a balloon, and then shake the phone to change it into a fun balloon animal.
  • Tappy Tunes: Kids can tap the screen and it will play a song at the tempo at which they tap.
  • Sneezies: More of a traditional video game, where kids free Sneezies trapped in bubbles.
  • Smacktalk: A cute puppy, kitten, or guinea pig repeats whatever the child says in a different pitch and speed. (For iPhone only)
  • Scoops: Catch the scoops of ice cream falling from the sky!
  • Wheels on the Bus: Hear the song in different languages, instruments, or even the child’s voice. Hear new funny verses in this interactive game.

For parents brave enough to hand their iPhone or iPod over to a young child, many applications can be downloaded to make traveling and waiting time go by without any complaints. Educational and fun apps are available for toddlers, preschoolers, and older children as well.