Enjoy great free mobile apps

How to Find Applications

It may seem counterproductive, but many iPhone app designers, as well companies, offer their apps for free or at a very low price. Sometimes this low price is available for only a short time. They do this in order to generate word of mouth. In some cases, they simply hope to boost traffic to their web site. In other instances, they hope to generate buzz about their app, which they will then begin selling at an increased price.

So, how does one go about locating inexpensive and free applications while the getting is good? Well, the following resources will certainly help in the quest to save money on apps.

Find Free Applications With an App

There is an app for just about everything, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there is one designed to locate iPod applications that have gone on sale or that are being offered for free. There is, after all, nothing more frustrating than purchasing an app only to learn that it is being offered at a signification discount a few days later.

With the Bargain Bin app users can eliminate this frustration. Along with many features, it allows users to can create custom watch lists to be alerted them when a particular app has dropped in price. Sale prices are presented in real-time, so information is always up-to-date.

Shop in the Right Section of the iTunes Store

Just like in any store, finding what you want is all about knowing where to look. The iTunes App Store is no different. Within the App Store, there is a section specifically dedicated to free applications. This area is available from the main page of the App Store and is labeled Top Free Apps. As the name implies, this section contains the most downloaded free iPod applications.
This listing is updated periodically to reflect changes in popularity, so check back often.

Log-on to Find Newly Free Apps

At the App-reviews.org web site they make it their business to alert iPhone and iPod Touch users to apps that have gone from fee to free. This collection of free applications is updated daily to provide up-to-date information on the latest happenings. Thumbnails accompany each app and can be viewed at full-size just by mousing over the image.
This is especially convenient, because it allows browser to have a detailed view of the app without forcing them to visit the iTunes Store for an in-depth look.

Download Apps Without the Price Tag

Enjoying an iPhone or iPod Touch shouldn’t be expensive and thanks to the aforementioned resources it doesn’t have to be. Just download the app, visit the store, and log on to the web site to find more free apps than an Apple user could ever want.