Great applications that will improve your vacation

A great way to make family travel easier and better is through use of handy iPhone apps. Their are several applications that entertain, inform and guide you during travel
It is amazing that something as small as an iPhone can include such a vast number of travel tools, things that would have, in the past, taken up most of your trunk and still left you short of the interactive, real-time, location-based options.
Here are some of the best iPhone apps for family travel, broken down by category. Some are free, some have free or pro versions, and some have a charge (usually minimal, from $1.99 to $4.99).

Best iPhone Apps

Best iPhone Apps for Trip Planning and Guidance

Kayak is a great app for finding hotel rooms, flights and other booking options.
Packing (+TO DO) features customizable packing lists, sample lists to help you build your lists, show items that are packed or unpacked, and the ability to email packing lists.
Destination-specific apps. There are several destinations, theme parks and attractions that have their own apps. Do a search for the app for your destination or spots en route before you leave home
Mint app allows you to keep up with the account balances for all of your accounts and credit cards while on the go.
Tripdeck Travel Itinerary Manager has several features to help schedule your trip, including management of hotel, airline, car rental and cruise reservations as well as real-time flight status reports and offline mode for use in flights. You can also share your itinerary on the go.
Best iPhone Apps for Roadside Finds
LocalEats features local restaurants (no chains) for 50 U.S. and Canadian cities, including comments about the restaurants. It features the ability to find recommended local favorite restaurants nearest your current location.
SitorSquat is a unique iPhone app that features cleanliness ratings of public restrooms on your route.

Best iPhone Apps for Travel Memory Sharing

Trip Journal allows you to create a journal, including location-specific wayfinding points and photo and video sharing that is geo-specific.
Postman allows you to create virtual postcards that you can send via Facebook, Twitter, email, Tumblr or the web.
Facebook’s app allows you to share updates and photos with your family and friends on Facebook from your phone.
Hipstamatic turns your iPhone into a retro film camera, allowing you to swap out filters, flashes and film types.

Best iPhone Apps for Entertainment and Comfort

White Noise is a nice app for parents of small children who are easily kept awake by outside noises, or simply for staying in a hotel in a noisy area.
Kindle app allows you to get eBooks from Amazon’s Kindle store, which can be helpful for getting everything from travel guidebooks to books to read en route to stories to read to the children.
There are far too many games to list to entertain kids, but some of the best include Tozzle, RampChamp, various Tickle Tap apps, story books from Decode Entertainment and Glow Coloring.
You can find any of these apps by searching in your iTunes desktop software or via the App Store icon on the iPhone.