I, Too, Am Harvard
The idea for I, Too, Am Harvard was conceived out of conversations during the annual Kuumba Singers of Harvard College’s spring tour last year. These conversations raised complicated feelings of race, identity, and belonging, which inspired Kimiko to broaden this conversation within the greater black community at Harvard

 On October 23rd, 2013, a kickoff event was held to engender support for both the Black Arts Festival and I, Too, Am Harvard. Members of the black community were invited to engage in an open discussion about what they saw as the mission of the play.  The event was also held to recruit black student interviewees and rally support around the project. At this point, as her independent project, Kimiko fully devoted herself to setting up and conducting interviews with forty students during October and November. Following transcription of the interviews, Kimiko began drafting early versions of the play. She continued to revisit the interviews and revise the script during winter break.

 At this point the team’s efforts moved towards generating excitement on campus for the premier of the play. Kimiko was drawn to the idea of a multimedia campaign and Symone helped fortify this vision by suggesting a theme of microaggressions. Carol and Ahsante made this vision a reality by photographing and filming black students who volunteered their time to be a part of this campaign. Their work helped to give more life to an already vibrant project. The project served to exemplify the idea of art as a catalyst for social change.

 Lydia and Carol edited the photos and, while Nonye used individual photos on social media sites to promote the project, they decided to compile all the photos onto a single Tumblr blog. Overnight the campaign took off and became part of a larger conversation surrounding race and belonging on predominantly white college campuses. Finally, the play premiered to a sold-out venue on March 7th, 2014.

This campaign has sought to help encourage black students to affirm their unique black identities and promote transparent and productive conversations within the Harvard community and beyond! Thus, lies the impetus for this upcoming conference and other projects that we are really excited for. Yet, the mission remains the same: To create such an impact that we may finally and faithfully say 'We, Too, Are America'!



our leadership team

mission & vision

To equip and empower Black collegiate students with the tools needed to fight social injustice on their campus and beyond so that we may finally and faithfully know that: We, too, are America.

The blacktivism conference 2014

Lydia Burns ('16)
Jennifer Berrian ('16)
Osaremen Okolo ('17)
Mary Brown ('17)
Merilin Castillo ('16)
Paige woods ('16)
Nonye Imo ('16)

Conference Co-Chair,

Conference Co-Chair

Kimiko Matsuda-Lawrence ('16)
Tsega Tamene ('15)
Tyler hamblin ('15)
Sydney Jenkins ('16)
Ketsia Saint-Armand ('15) 
Sarah Michieka ('17)
Symone Isaac-Wilkins ('16)
Jaime Cobham ('17)
Keyanna Wigglesworth ('16)
Hanna Amanuel ('16)
Abigail Mariam ('15)

Publicity Co-Chair

Publicity Co-Chair

Finance Co-Chair

Finance Co-Chair

Finance Co-Chair

Alumni Liasion
Graduate Student and

Visitor Relations Coordinator

Visitor Relations Coordinator

Lounge Coordinator

Food Chair

Workshop Organizer

Workshop Organizer

I, Too, Am Harvard Director
I, Too, Am Harvard Producer
Graduate Student and
Alumni Liasion
Networking Brunch Organizer

Networking Brunch Organizer

The Photo Campaign

Dinner Coordinator

Film Screening and Keynote

Programming Liaison

Olivia castor ('17)
Jasmine Gibson ('15)
Julian plowden ('16)

Volunteer recruitment and logistics specialist
Outreach and Solidarity Co-Chair
Outreach and Solidarity Co-Chair
Logistics Specialist

Mobilizing youth for racial justice in the 21st century